One of the best things about living in Michigan is discovering the unique and surprising nature of its wildlife, like the hidden nests and leafy structures in the trees.

When most people look up and notice a pile of sticks and leaves in a tree, they assume it's nothing more than a bird's nest. However, if you pay attention and look closely, you'll quickly realize that a different type of critter built it.

You might not even notice the balled-up sticks and leaves in trees during the spring and summer, as the foliage does a pretty good job of hiding them. You normally don't even see them until the fall when the leaves of Michigan's trees fall, exposing the rather large nests.

What Are Those Nests Made of Leaves and Sticks?

If it's not a bird's nest, what is it?

The nests are called dreys, but most people would just refer to them as squirrel nests. Yes, squirrels belong to those nests you see made of sticks, leaves, moss, and pine needles.

Dreys may look a bit rough from the outside, but they're actually well-constructed. They do a great job of shielding squirrels from the harsh Michigan winters, not to mention serving as good food storage.

How Many Squirrels Live in a Drey?

Unless it is a female squirrel with a litter of young, only one squirrel will live in its drey.

If you go looking for dreys, look way up as most are built high up in trees.

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