Listeners emails are the best and this is one of my favorites.

All week long I've been giving away Amazon Echo Dots after The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show. Banana listeners have been really excited for these, especially a listener who listens at work a couple hours north of Flint.

Right before going into a song by Guns n' Roses I asked for caller 13. After putting the winner (Nathan) on the air and congratulating him, I received this email from a not so lucky listener.

"So I decided to try and be caller 13 today, um yea I have got to ask…. Is it mad chaos similar to a 911 switchboard going off during some sort of flippin' crisis when you announce contests-lol… I never try these things simply because I just am not lucky but when you said caller 13 which happens to be my favorite # I thought what the hell…. I finally get through as the end of GNR is playing and of course, I had to let my team know I got through and might finally hear the voice of my favorite DJ. Then I went running (or should I say attempted to go running) out my office door holding onto the phone and as I got to my door the cord jerks my ass right back taking out 1 of my 3 computer monitors, slamming my ass into my filing cabinet knocking off my gummy bear stash, my Michigan State autographed basketball shatters (yes I am a HUGE fan of MSU)out of its glass case and when my basketball broke out of its glass case it bounced up and took out my dry erase marker board. Needless to say what a way for me to make a complete ass out of myself. When I finally just walked out of my office I had an audience applauding and laughing."

It's one thing to not get through on the phone lines, it's another to completely destroy your office in the process.