If you were one of the thousands that attended Loudwire Live last Friday in the parking lot of the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center and you stopped by the Banana 101.5 broadcast stage, then you noticed we were giving away some pretty sweet signed guitars.

Congratulations to Banana listener Melinda Roldan who scored one those guitars signed by Breaking Benjamin. She was so pumped when I called her to let her know that she won. All she could say was "stop" while laughing on the phone with me.

When Melinda stopped up to the radio station she said she was going to donate the guitar to a youth charity group in Genesee County. Most of the guitars that we give away end up on the wall of a lucky listener's house or in a pawn shop (true story). Not, Melinda, she has a big ass heart and plans to give to charity...that's amazing in my book!

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