Banana Listener Wins Signed Breaking Benjamin Guitar
If you were one of the thousands that attended Loudwire Live last Friday in the parking lot of the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center and you stopped by the Banana 101.5 broadcast stage, then you noticed we were giving away some pretty sweet signed guitars.
Mind-Blowing 'Billie Jean' Cover
I had never heard of Alexandr Misko before this video, but I've never heard the Michael Jackson classic 'Billie Jean' played like this before either... and likely will never listen to it the same way again.
Guy Plays 100 Theme Songs On Guitar [VIDEO]
Although this is pretty cool, how bored do you have to be to sit down and figure this out. I did like the surprise instruments tossed into the mix too. It seems like I see one of these compilations every day, yet I still don't get tired of them. So I guess I should thank these guys with all thi…

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