If we are going to be stuck at home, we might as well learn to play a new instrument.

Fender has stepped up to help those stuck at home right now with free lessons during the coronavirus outbreak. The first 500,000 people to sign up will receive free lessons for three months. It is really easy to do, I actually signed myself up as well and I'm just trying to decide which instrument to pick.

You can choose between acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and ukelele. Once you do that, their system breaks it down, even more, to let you pick between styles and genres. For acoustic and electric guitar, you can pick rock, blues, folk, country, and pop. For bass, you can choose between funk and rock and for ukelele learn whatever it is that ukelele's do.

Music is something we all need and turn to. So instead of sitting home and being miserable or going stir-crazy, take advantage of this and learn something new.

Source: MLive