It was a rainy but awesome day at the Michigan Renaissance Festival for Banana's Battle Axe Tournament.

Today was the final day of the 2018 Michigan Renaissance Festival season. To go out with a bang, we decided to have a battle axe throwing tournament tournament. We were joined by a handful of Banana listeners to compete at the Battle Axe Arena. Congrats to Justin Habbershaw for walking away victorious this year.

The competition is harder than it looks. It is surprisingly difficult to get those things to stick in the target. A lot of shots simple bounced off the wall. However, I did get to learn which people in our group have pent up aggression that they need to deal with. I'm pretty sure some of them were picturing their ex's face on the target.

With the season officially over, I am already looking forward to next year. Thanks to all of you that came out despite the weather, you all rock!


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