Backroads Bar & Grill in Holly, Michigan has a new name - Taylor's Tavern Bar & Kitchen.

'Bar Rescue' recently filmed an episode at the Holly bar, and it appears a name change was part of the 'rescue'.

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If you are unfamiliar with 'Bar Rescue', it is hosted by entrepreneur and television personality Jon Taffer, the reality show helps failing bars overcome challenges and avoid closure.

As you can imagine people came from all over, hoping to be part of the series taping, (photos below).

The name isn't the only change; a new menu has also been introduced at Taylor's Tavern Bar & Kitchen.

Holly, MI Open Forum Facebook
Holly, MI Open Forum Facebook

We should point out that this new menu may have been used only during the 'Bar Rescue' taping at Taylor's Tavern Bar & Kitchen.

More often than not the menu is scaled down while taping, there is a possibility that more items have been, or will be added.

Heads up karaoke lovers, Taylor's Tavern Bar & Kitchen hosts a karaoke party every Thursday and Friday at 8:00 PM.

Taylor's Tavern Bar & Kitchen also has a weekly poker night every Wednesday.

Where is Taylor's Tavern Bar & Kitchen in Holly?

Taylor's Tavern Bar & Kitchen is at 5217 Apollo Drive, 48442.

When will the 'Bar Rescue' episode featuring Taylor's Tavern Bar & Kitchen air?

No air date (as of now) has been announced. We will keep you posted.

Bar Rescue At Backroads Bar & Grill In Holly, Michigan

Gallery Credit: Kennedy Broadwell

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