When you have to defend yourself, you have to use whatever is around you. On Tuesday, February 7th, two Bay City men did just that. 

Kolka’s Corner Store in Bay City was robbed at knife point around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Justin J. Vantol made off with around $500. He then fled on foot passed customer Mark W. Carelli. The clerk told Carelli that she was robbed and he took off after the suspect.

The chase headed towards Donta L. Lee's home when Carelli yelled for him to stop him. Lee took a hockey stick from his garage and the two were able to stop him until police arrived to make the arrest.

Officers found out that Vantol is a heroin addict and needed the money for drugs. After a quick trip to the hospital, Vantol is now in jail.

Source: WNEM TV 5 

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