There's nothing better than the smell of a grill on a holiday weekend...unless that smell is burnt food, hair or human flesh.

I would love to sit here and say people are idiots when it comes to grilling disasters but I can't because I would be one of those idiots. I swear every time I grill I create some kind of fire, leaving my food tasting like crap. I have the worst luck when it comes to grills. Hell, I haven't had one for a couple years because right after I bought my last one, strong winds took it a flipped it over multiple times and destroy it.

I will say I'm not as big of a mess as those featured in the video above, but I'm damn close. I think my favorite is at 3:06, holy crap that dude gets blasted hard. I don't what he threw on the fire to cause that massive flame but it was hilarious.