Let me clue you in on a little secret ladies, guys don't want a traditional bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day. What they do want is a "broquet" of 100% beef jerky roses from 'Say It With Beef.'

Ladies, this is the perfect gift for your meat-eating lover. It really shows him how much you truly care. I know for a fact I'd be super pumped if I received handcrafted flowers made from over 1/2 lb. of 100% high-quality beef jerky.

These are also perfect for that awesome dude/bro in your life. Sometimes you wanna do something nice for your buddies but you have no idea what to get them...now you do!

You can get a broquet of a dozen or half/dozen in a pint glass or beer mug and in a variety of flavors including Original, Teriyaki, Peppered or Mixed. You can also add a Bropourri and a beefy lover letter.

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