Bell's is giving you 12 new reasons to enjoy the holiday season.

Bell's Brewery, based in Comstock, MI, is getting set to release a new run of beer flavors for the holiday season. The new Jingle Bell's Variety 12-pack will have a new flavor to try as well as several favorites to enjoy.

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Some of the favorites that will be included in the variety pack include Two-Hearted All, Light-Hearted Ale, and Bell's Official. The new flavor is called Juicy Gossip. After making its' rounds through the Bell's Innovation Brewery, Juicy Gossip will deliver 4.7% ABV of fruity goodness.

Psst, did you hear about Juicy Gossip? Developed over several batches at our Innovation Brewery, this Juicy Pale Ale has a soft bitterness with a fruity, juicy hop character and tropical notes. Sessionable, this beer is perfect for those who want tropical hop flavor at a lower ABV. This brand new beer is available exclusively as part of our Jingle Bell's Holiday Variety 12-pack along with Light Hearted, Official and Two described by the Bell's Brewery website. 

The Juicy Pale Ale will be available included in the Jingle Bell's Holiday Variety Pack through November. If you are looking to pick up this holiday variety flavors, the packs are/will be available at the following locations in Genesee County:

  • Franks Beer Wine & Spirits in Grand Blanc
  • Kroger in Grand Blanc
  • Food Castle (both locations)
  • Sams Club in Grand Blanc
  • Whigville Party Store
  • Oliver T's Market
  • Georgies Corner in Grand Blanc
  • Warwick Party Store
  • Food Plus Party Store on Maple Ave in Flint
  • BP on Grand Blanc Road
  • Meijer

To find a location near you, click here. 


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