They know how to have a bake sale at my alma mater. I'm kidding, of course. This is terrible.

I reluctantly attended Bentley schools for a majority of my early scholastic career. I went to pre-k there, I cheated my way through long division there, I got voted "most likely to skip" there... In other words -- we had some times, Bentley and I.

Throughout all of my schoolboy shenanigans, I never once touched marijuana... while in middle school. Even in high school the most potent stuff you could get your hands on was "shop weed," as it was called back in the 90s. Back then there was really only two kinds of weed, the other being "Flint Town Brown." Both kind of sucked and were comprised mostly of seeds and stems... or so I'm told.

These days, the pot game is much, much different. Not only is it legal for pretty much anyone who can fake any type of mild discomfort, but what's available is much more potent. It's also available in many different forms, some of which are way too strong for those not well versed in marijuana sorcery. Take edibles, for example. The way edible marijuana products are processed by the body is much different than when smoked, and can knock you straight on your ass if you don't know what you're doing. Police believe that may have happened at Bentley Middle School last week.

According to MLive, police are investigating an incident where a student shared brownies and lollipops with fellow students on Friday, December 16th. Apparently several of the students became ill, and the smell led the school officer to believe that they had ingested edibles.

Tests are currently being conducted to see if there was marijuana, or some other drug, in the treats. Two students are scheduled for expulsion hearings as a result of the incident, and, depending on the outcome of the tests, one of them could face possession and/or distribution charges should the prosecutor see fit.

I really hope these kids didn't intentionally bring edibles to school, but I think I'd be even more bummed out if it were a case of them unknowingly bringing their parents "baked goods" to share with friends. Either way, this story serves up a couple of lessons:

Parents: Keep your medical marijuana and edibles under lock and key.

Kids: Stop doing drugs in middle school. Having a record is never cool, and its especially not cool to have one before you've even graduated.