A popular head shop in Genesee County is now under new ownership.

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Rick and Jes Dajos are now the proud owners of  2 Steps Higher at 6004 Torrey Road in Flint (Scooter's Plaza). The Dajos purchased the store from Brian Pelkey and have been operating it since April 10th of 2023.

For those of you who have been faithful customers of 2 Steps Higher, rest assured that the store will maintain its excellent customer service and continue to provide the best products.

Thanks, Rick Dajos for taking the time to answer the following questions about 2 Steps Higher.

Were you and Jes familiar with 2 Steps Higher before purchasing the store?

We’ve been customers there for as long as they’ve been there.

What made you want to purchase 2 Steps Higher?

The reason we bought this store was because of the lack of actual headshops in the area. Everything anymore is just vape or tobacco chain shops where you don’t get that counterculture vibe. I want to have a store that Willie, Snoop, or Cheech & Chong would approve of.

What changes (if any) do you plan to make? 

Nothing drastic yet.  There will be some redecorating done but want to get a feel of what the community wants before we undergo a full overhaul.

What will stay the same for customers?

Everything that the loyal customers came in for before will still be on the shelves along with the old-school head shop feel will still be the same.

 Are there any new products you plan to carry?

We plan on expanding the lifestyle sections.  As a parent, we understand the need to keep certain products safe, odor free, and out of sight. Lockboxes, smell-proof storage, and other accessories are on our list.
Also, we plan to bring in products for people that enjoy the outdoors. It does not matter if you’re hiking, kayaking, or enjoying some disc golf.  All your carrying cases, satchels, and discreet smoking supplies will be there.
We are also hanging a giant coloring poster for customers to add to so we can display it once it’s done.

What types of products do you carry now?

We carry a wide selection of water pipes, dab rigs, and all the accessories that go with them including vape batteries, grinders, trays, papers, and wraps. We also carry a  selection of Kratom, the more popular flavors of tobacco vapes, appeal, and more.

Is anything special happening at 2 Steps Higher on 4/20?

Of course!  We will be running a raffle, handing out freebies, and other hourly specials.   Those will all be posted on our Facebook and Instagram while they happen.

What are 2 Steps Higher hours of operation?

Our current hours are 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM Wednesday through Saturday.  We are currently closed Sunday and Tuesday while we get the hang of things.

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