It's only fitting that Grand Blanc residents would spot a bobcat in the area since the school's mascot is a bobcat. However, we're not talking about a school mascot here.

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Earlier this week I received a notification from Nextdoor (Grand Blanc) which I rarely open because it gets a little too nutty on there for me. Well, this time I opened up the post after seeing a bit of the context which claimed someone from Grand Blanc had spotted a bobcat in the area. I had to find out more.

The woman who posted said a bobcat had been spotted near Grand Blanc and Porter roads.

Nextdoor User:

I know someone that lives near Grand Blanc Rd & Porter and they just saw a bobcat up by their house trying to get an animal under their car. I would have never thought that a bobcat/s would live in such a busy area.

After posting the alleged sighting, another woman on Nextdoor chimed in:

Did it have a long tail? I saw something similar near Grand Blanc Rd and Fenton Rd. Reported the sighting to DNR. Was told they have a range of 100 miles to their territory.

The woman replied and said that it did have a long tail. She said the woman watched out her window and could see it hiding and waiting for whatever was under her car.


Did Anyone Get a Photo of the Bobcat?

As far as I know, there aren't any photos of the bobcat. Or at least we haven't seen any just yet. The photos in this article are stock photos, not the real deal.

I'm a little skeptical that what they were looking at was an actual bobcat. They mentioned that it had a long tail which would be rare if it was a bobcat. According to AZ Animals, bobcats have short tails. Typically, a bobcat's tail grows between 1-4 inches long. However, sometimes, it can grow past 8 inches, although this is rare.

Another person on Nextdoor said that he saw a bobcat on his trail camera near Maple and Irish roads.

Bobcat sightings in Genesee County are rare but that doesn't mean they aren't lurking around.

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