One of the greatest pleasures in life is food. Think about it - certain foods give you comfort, some foods take you back to your childhood and some foods remind you of major life events like weddings and even funerals. Breaking bread together is what we do in good times and bad.

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The beauty of eating is experiencing different cultures and cuisine. This February, you have an opportunity to eat poutine until you pop during the Michigan Street Poutine Week in Grand Rapids. Never been? Me either - but I have all of the delicious details.

When is Michigan Street Poutine Week?

Michigan Street Poutine Week will be happening from February 16th through the 26th.

What is poutine?

Delicious french fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy. What is not to love? I am guessing some of the participating restaurants will have their own spin on this pub favorite.

What Grand Rapids restaurants are participating? 

What is the goal of Michigan Street Poutine Week?

Other than enjoying many plates of delicious poutine, the goal is to determine which participating restaurant serves the best poutine in Grand Rapids. That winner will be decided by your vote. When the event is underway, you will be able to find a link to vote on the Michigan Street Poutine Week Facebook page.

How far is Grand Rapids from Genesee County and Lapeer County?

Not too far at all. If you are leaving from the Flint area, you are looking at roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes travel time. If you are leaving from the Lapeer area, plan on roughly two hours of travel time. I think it would be fun to book a hotel and make a weekend out of it. Who wants to drive home on a full stomach?

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