There's nothing more heartbreaking than a pet that runs away without a trace, never to be found again. Well, that's exactly what happened to a Burton family nearly two years ago.

According to ABC12, a Burton family was recently reunited with their now 11-year-old Husky named Cazzie who used to be a runner. The dog would run away from time to time but eventually come back home. That trend came to an end nearly two years ago when Cazzie somehow got out of the house and never returned. Obviously, the family was devastated and for the most part, gave up after hurting and missing the dog for so long.

Apparently, another family had rescued Cazzie after finding him on streets about 10 months ago. They tried to find his owner but didn't have any luck so they decided to keep him which is pretty awesome. For whatever reason, they had the Husky scanned for a chip and that's when they found Cazzie's family.

I think it's so cool that a family would take in a stray dog, learn to love and care for him for 10 months and then give him back to his original owners.

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