A Burton, Michigan man has gone viral after he saved a raccoon from choking.

Yes, you read that right. Genesee County resident William Messenger was hanging out in his backyard on Friday, June 14th, when the incident happened.

I contacted William Messenger to ask him some questions about his raccoon life-saving skills and more.

Did the raccoon appear out of nowhere?

Yes, it was random. We were hanging out around a bonfire at my house, and suddenly the raccoon appeared.

Was the raccoon afraid of you?

At first, it was a little skittish but then the raccoon started to warm up to us. It was weird, the raccoon was acting as if it was domesticated.

At one point the raccoon climbed up my buddy John's leg, attempting to sit on his lap.

When did you notice the raccoon was choking?

The raccoon wandered around for a good 10 minutes looking for food. We then noticed the raccoon on its hind legs with a weird look on its face.

We didn't know what was happening at first. Then, I realized the raccoon was choking. "That is when I started slapping its back, and the video started rolling.

Were you afraid of being attacked by the raccoon after you saved it?

I wasn’t afraid after I saved it cause it had already been hanging out with us for a while.

You can see the video of William Messenger saving the raccoon below.

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There is a Reddit thread dedicated to this heroic act if you want to check it out.

Way to go William Messenger, you are a hero!

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