Burton Police are warning of a new scam where hackers are calling people, convincing them to go to a website and then hijacking their computer... better warn everyone you know over the age of 50 with a computer.

According to a post by Burton Police on their official Facebook page, there is another scam targeting older folk in Genesee County. How do we know it's targeting older people? Seriously, just read the following warning that Burton PD posted and tell me you don't immediately see your mom or grandma falling for this one:

"There is currently a SCAM going around where an individual will call you and state that he/she is from Microsoft or some computer company and says that there is an issue with your Windows operating system. Once they get you to log into your computer and go to a website, they take control of your computer and lock it out until you pay them to release your computer. These calls are normally coming from out of the country, but are using a computer to call you so that it sometimes shows up as a local call."

It seems a bit obvious to those of us who know the way things work, but people less familiar with computers might actually be naive enough to believe that Microsoft would call you and try to help with your computer problems. Hell, you'd be lucky to get help if you called them... not to mention that you'd first have decipher the broken English coming from the overly polite support tech who only uses English as a second language. 'Merica.

Either way, don't be foolish. No one will reach out to help you on or with the internet. Ever. If you don't believe the previous statement, then please feel free to contact me. I may know of a Nigerian Prince that could use your help...

In case you're still confused, here's how you handle this: