A photo of a Burton Police cruiser parked in a handicap spot at a local gas station has sparked a fierce debate on social media.

The handicap parking spot in question is located in front of Fleck's Mart / Marathon Gas Station and Wendy's found at Belsay and East Court Streets in Burton. The photo has many people crying foul, while others think it's no big deal.

While it is true that the officer did not need to use that particular spot, it's also true that the officer has more pressing things to worry about than where to park. I've always assumed cops could park wherever they want to, but not everyone agrees with that.

Many are saying things like, "I would get a ticket for this," or "That spot should only be used by people who need to use it." Some concerned citizens even reported the incident to Burton Police, who later chalked the whole thing up to a misunderstanding. Since there is no sign for the parking space, it is not technically a legal handicap spot and the officer did not see the painted blue lines.


Even if it was an intentional move by the officer to park there. I don't see a big issue with it. If it were the only handicap spot, sure. I could see that as being unnecessary. However, there are at least three other handicap spots at that location, and judging from the picture -- they were probably open.

Google Maps

Many are calling this an "abuse of power" or saying this officer thinks they're "above the law," but that seems like a bit of a stretch to me. Would you get ticketed for parking there -- 100%. Would you not also be ticketed for running a red light? You bet your ass you would. Cops run red lights all the time. It's just one of those things we've come to accept. As long as they aren't doing so recklessly -- I don't have an issue with it.

Ideally, the police are here to protect and serve. I do see both sides of the argument, but if an officer getting in and out of a gas station or traffic light quicker helps them get to a call quicker and help people -- I'm all for it.

Should cops be allowed to ignore parking/traffic laws as long as it's done safely and responsibly? Feel free to sound off in the comments and let us know how you feel.

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