A Cadillac, Michigan man will be on TV tonight competing on Jeopardy!

After 12 years of trying, a man from Cadillac, MI finally got his wish to be on Jeopardy as a contestant. Ben Scripps has been trying year after year to qualify for the opportunity and finally got his shot. After tests, questionnaires, auditions, and patiently waiting, he finally got his chance.

After being selected to compete on the show, his journey to Los Angeles began. On his flight to begin taping, he reviewed Jeopardy! archines and practiced his skills. Of course, Ben Scripps cannot talk about how he did on the show so we will just have to wait and see. You can catch his episode of Jeopardy! tonight on NBC.

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I can't even begin to imagine how stressful it would be to compete on Jeopardy!. Don't get me wrong, I do pretty well playing along at home, but I don't think I would stand a chance actually playing in person. The lights and cameras, live audience, Alex Trebek, and everything else would be too distracting for me to actually focus on trivia questions.

There are other shows that I would love to be on though. I think we have all, at one point or another, have wanted to be on The Price is Right. Growing up, I always wanted to be on American Gladiator as well. However, the show that I always wanted to be on more than any other out there was The Mole. Unfortunately, that one is no longer on the air, but I loved that show and always wanted a chance to be on it.

What game shows have you always wanted to be on?


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