Don't just pitch all of your holiday packages, recycle them at Campus Den.

You will be able to drop off your boxes starting tomorrow, 12/18, through New Years Eve. It gets even better - Campus Den will donate $1.00 for to the North End Soup Kitchen in Flint, for every box dropped off. This is a total win win!

If you are not done Christmas shopping (who is?), you can fill your shipping box with Campus Den merchandise and recieve 10% off of your entire purchase. Then, CD will take the box and recycle it, and hook you up with a free reusable shopping bag.

Campus Den is located at the Genesee Valley Center in Flint. If you have additional questions, contact the store at (810) 733-8082. Shout out to Jamie Taylor of Givensix, for giving us the heads up on this. Merry Christmas.

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