For the first time ever in Michigan, you'll soon be able to consume marijuana in a public setting. Hot Box Social in Hazel Park has been awarded the state’s first license for a consumption lounge.

According to WXYZ, Hot Box Social is a gathering space for meetings and special events where marijuana can be consumed in a safe and legal environment.

If you told me a decade ago that one day we'd be able to legally smoke marijuana in a public place, I'd tell you that you were crazy.

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Hot Box Social is owned by Trucenta, a Michigan based cannabis company.

Nowfal Akash, Trucenta Chief Information Officer:

We are honored that Michigan has awarded us the state’s first license for a consumption lounge. Our plan is to first use the space for corporate, social, and special events. Come summer, we’ll start scheduling events so the public can experience Hot Box Social with consumption-friendly activities like social gatherings, educational opportunities, and arts-focused activities.

When Will Hot Box Social Open to the Public?

Their plan is to open up sometime this summer. They'll start with private events and eventually open it up to the public.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can't buy marijuana at Hot Box Social but you'll be able to bring your own or have it delivered from a licensed dispensary.

Where is Hot Box Social Located?

The 200 capacity lounge is located at 23610 John R. in Hazel Park.

I'm sure Hot Box Social will be the first of many cannabis consumption lounges in Michigan.

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