I have said it before countless times, and here I go again - there is nothing worse than a thief. What kind of person has no problem taking what does NOT belong to them? A real a-hole if you ask me.

According to Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson, the number of catalytic converter thefts in the area (and points beyond), have increased. Recently an unnamed car dealership in Fenton was robbed of several cc's. There was an unrelated incident, where a catalytic converter theft ring was recently popped as well. Jesus - get a job you jerks.

Reports indicate these lowlife thieves have been hitting parking lots, and park and ride lots. What a bunch of BS. As you probably figured out, thieves then sell the cc's to scrap yards. In case you wondered, businesses buying what they know to be stolen goods, are just as guilty as the creeps that took the property.

Every vehicle has a catalytic converter, so consider yourself warned. If you see anything suspicious, call police.



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