Before your kids get back in the pool this season, you may want to remind them about the dangers of swallowing pool water.

According to ABC12, if you or your kids swallow a certain parasite it could cause a serious case of diarrhea.

The Centers for Disease Control say that people, especially kids, get sick when they swallow something that has come into contact with feces of a sick person.

The best way to help protect yourself and others (according to CDC) from germs that cause diarrhea is to follow these steps:

  • Don’t swim or let your kids swim if sick with diarrhea.
    • If diarrhea is caused by Crypto, wait until two weeks after diarrhea has stopped to go swimming.
  • Don’t swallow the water in which you swim.
  • Rinse off in the shower before getting in the water to help remove any germs on your body that could contaminate the water.
  • Take kids on bathroom breaks often, and check diapers in a diaper-changing area and not right next to the pool.

For some reason, outbreaks caused by Cryptosporidium (also known as “Crypto”) have been on the rise since 2011. Regardless, let's do our part to keep poop particles of swimming pools and swimming playgrounds. It's so damn nasty when you really think about it.

Source: ABC12 and The CDC

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