If you were planning to take the family down to Cedar Point today, you are out of luck. The parked up closing early, right around 7 p.m. last night, after some powerful storms knocked out a lot of the power to the park. 

Cedar Point and Soak City are closed today as Edison crews are working to restore the power as many of the electrical poles along the causeway were blown over. If everything goes well, the parks should reopen tomorrow morning for normal business hours.

Here is the statement released from Cedar Point:

As a result of the severe wind damage to power lines and poles on the Cedar Point Causeway, and the lack of adequate power to operate rides at full capacity, Cedar Point and Soak City will not open on Monday, June 6. Crews from Ohio Edison are working diligently to repair Causeway power lines as quickly as possible. We anticipate we will reopen on Tuesday, June 7.

To get more information, visit the Cedar Point website here.

Source: ABC 12

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