October is breast cancer awareness month so we see many commercials on the subject, pink pizza boxes from Hungry Howie's and many people sport t-shirt's to create awareness.  There is nothing wrong with any of that as far as I am concerned.  The disease is terrible and early detection is key.  However, some people want to filter the message a bit when it comes to breast cancer. Gilbert High School in Arizona has banned a t-shirt made up by its cheerleaders to raise awareness.

The t-shirt reads "Feel for lumps, save your bumps".  That is right to the point if you ask me.  There is nothing sexy or provocative about this message.  That is not how the administrators at the high school feel.  Principal Dr. J Charles Santa Cruz had this to say, quote:

"In no way is the school administration against Breast Cancer Awareness Month or initiatives students might take in support of it. We just want to make sure we're in the bounds of appropriate boundaries of a school setting."

CBS News goes on to say that the principal and the school encourage students to wear pink, they just will not allow that particular t-shirt.  Give me a break.  Putting on a pink shirt is not going to remind someone to self examine or get checked.  Breast cancer is a bitch, there is nothing sexy about it.  I think the school banning the shirt makes it like the shirts are promoting something sexual.  They are not!  It reminds women to get checked and I think it gets males and females talking about the disease which is awesome.

What do you think? Do you think the t-shirt is to risque for high school students?


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