Now for some great news in the realm of fighting cancer.

A Jacksonville, Florida woman, Lee Mercker, was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer back in March. The cancer was very early-stage according to doctors. Upon visiting the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for treatment, her doctor offered her the chance to try an experimental vaccine first. The vaccine itself was created to fight early-stage cancer like Mercker had.

After agreeing to the new procedure, Mercker was given a set of shots. The vaccine began to work and started to eliminate the tumor. Even though the new medication worked, she still underwent a double mastectomy to make sure that the cancer was completely out of her body.

Doctors now have the opportunity to study and examine her breast tissue. Mercker was the first patient to use the new vaccine and doctors are now trying it out on two more. The doctors say that the drug still has a long way to go, but that is a very promising start in the trials.

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