Well, that depends on where you're taking it. Seriously though, WTF is Hilldog Jr. talking about?

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton is riding high after a solid performance (I'm just echoing the news and most of the public here, don't shoot the messenger) in the first debate against Republican nominee Donald Trump. If she wants that momentum to continue, and you know she does, she's gotta get Chelsea Clinton off the campaign trail pronto.

As we've seen throughout the campaign, it doesn't take much for Hillary to lose points. Hell, half the country was convinced she had terminal pneumonia two weeks ago. That's why, if she wants to win -- she's gotta run a tight ship. There is no more room for error. The next time she trips, coughs or sneezes, it could end her campaign. Even if Bill gets caught on camera checking out a cashier's ass -- it's over.

I would love to have seen the look on Hilldog's face when she found out Chelsea told a room full of people that there's evidence people have died from "taking marijuana." No, Chelsea. They didn't. Maybe talk to your dad, aka Bill "I didn't inhale" Clinton about marijuana. He'll at least bring you up to speed on the lingo. Seriously, nobody says "taking marijuana." Even Bernie Sanders' old ass knows better than that. No wonder Butthead dumped her ass in the 90s.

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