What a time to be alive.

Most of us do not have time to prepare chicken and waffles in the morning. I can barely get to work on time, let alone prepare a meal. Although the food combo is great anytime of the day, traditionally the dish is a breakfast or brunch meal.

Soon you can get the great taste of chicken and waffles in a box. A box of cereal that is. On National Cereal Day, March 7th Post is dishing up two new cereal flavors. For a limited time, Chicken & Waffles and Maple Bacon Donut flavored cereal will be available. Yum.

The cereals first debuted in Canada, and will soon be hitting the shelves at your local Walmart store. Will you be trying? Which flavor do you think sounds better? Here is a thought - how about combining both flavors in one bowl? Mind blown!

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