It's been a long and exhausting weekend my friends! After several remote broadcasts and "DJ'ing" a wedding, I had a chance to relax with some friends at my apartment on Sunday. After screaming at the TV while my fantasy football  team was getting destroyed, the smack talk among friends turned to my bar style touch screen video game.

Many years ago, while partying up at Houghton Lake for Bud Bash, I purchased a touch screen video game from Limberlost. Since then, there have been many battles between my friends as to who is the best. Much like George Costanza and his high score in "Frogger," I'm very proud of the records I hold.

There are many games to choose from on the "Megatouch," but it always seems like we end up facing off on the game "Funky Monkey." After a few rounds and a lot of crap talking, the competition was serious. However, I am proud to announce that I, Chris Monroe, am still king of the video games.

Many have tried to take my title, none have succeeded! I am Video Game Champion of Fox Hill Glenns in Grand Blanc!

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