Residents are complaining of unbelievable living conditions at Lakeside Community Apartments on Flint's east side.

One woman reports that her ceiling is caving in, a dumpster is overflowing with garbage and smells so bad that they get headaches and have to go inside plus she found bed bugs biting her child.

These people are struggling in life as it is but to not even be able to count on your landlord for safe and healthy living conditions is just another beat down that makes them want to just give up.

To top it all off people who live in her building got letters stating their power will be shut off in July because the landlord has not paid the bill.

I think this is just disgusting, I hate seeing people living in such filth. I feel the landlord should face some kind of charges for this. Obviously if the power is being shut off, the landlord has given up as well. So damn sad.

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