While doing laundry the other night I realized halfway through the baskets I didn't have as many quarters as I thought I did. After thinking for a minute, I decided to keep the washers going and just build a drying rack in my apartment. While doing that, this happened.

In the midst of hanging my clothes up to dry on my homemade drying rack, I noticed something weird. My daughters clothes began to appear hanging on the rack. I already washed and put away her clothes so I had no idea where they were coming from. A second later, my little human came strutting out of here room with more clothes to hang on the rack.

Mind you, her clothes were dry, so I had to ask her why she was moving them. Apparently it was time to reorganize her closet and give her old clothes to her sister. Needless to say, we did that and my clothes are still soaked and stuffed in the laundry basket.

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