As some of you know, I was on vacation over the weekend. As with any vacation, there is always some amount of work to be done. Cleaning up the campsite, packing, and the dreaded unpacking. It's always at this point after a vacation that I remember one thing...

I am a disgusting slob of a human. If you check out the picture, my unpacking plan yesterday ended as soon as everything was in the door. After four days camping, gorging on food, and more alcohol than one person should ever consume, I was whipped. After hauling everything up to my third story apartment, I realized that the ninth annual Bros 'n Hoes Tubing Trip damn near killed me.

Overall though, it was a great trip and I have to say a big thanks to the guys at LaFontaine Used Car King for hooking me up with a sweet truck to haul everything up north with!

In case you are wondering, there will be more pics and videos from my trip on the way soon.

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