Chris Webber is planning on producing a TV series covering his historic time at Michigan with the 'Fab Five'.

Webber is breaking his silence on the Fab Five years with a new tv series called 'Fab Five', and it will be based on his upcoming autobiography, 'By Gods Grace.' If you're hoping to get a preview from the book, you'll just have to wait. The book is not available yet, but you can pre-order it below.

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Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal, but with Webber it's different. Remember that Webber did not appear in the ESPN Fab Five feature. He has had a rocky relationship with many of the other members of the Fab Five, and legally could not associate with U of M for 10 years after the money scandals that were exposed after he left Michigan.

Webber has mended some of his tears with the University of Michigan, and even returned to Ann Arbor to be an honorary captain for the football team in 2018.

I grew up watching the Fab Five play, and just like every other kid in Michigan, LOVED them. I was lucky enough to be at a basketball camp in high school that featured an appearance by Chris Webber. The five of them literally transformed the way basketball was viewed by the mainstream. On the outside looking in, it was exactly what basketball needed at the time.

That story has already been told though, so what I am hoping for from the Webber series is some of the inside truth. I think every fan is curious to hear the story from Chris Webber's point of view. I also wonder how brutally honest Webber will be when it comes to talking about his relationships with the other members of the Fab Five. The ESPN feature showed that there were definitely a lot of hurt feelings between the men. I hope Webber is honest about it all, even if it doesn't show him in the best light.



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