Flint's pride, Claressa Shields, has returned home ahead of her monumental WBC Heavyweight Title bout against defending champion Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse at Little Caesars Arena (LCA).

On Juneteenth, Shields brought her opponent to Flint's Dome behind City Hall for an intense face-off, witnessed by Mayor Sheldon Neeley, enthusiastic fans, and supportive loved ones.

During the event, Mayor Neeley affectionately hailed Shields as 'Flint's favorite daughter.'

Shields boasts an impressive record as a two-time Olympic gold medalist, three-time undisputed champion across three weight divisions, with an impeccable 14-0 record. This upcoming fight marks her debut in the heavyweight category.

A triumph at LCA would solidify Shields' legacy as a champion in four different weight classes.

Shields gave me some one-on-one time for an interview about her preparations for her upcoming bout. She also gives some great advice on how to become a great smack-talker. Check it out!

This fight will mark Shields' second appearance at LCA; the first sold just over 12,000 tickets. Organizers are anticipating breaking the 18,000-person attendance record this time. Notably, of the 12,000 tickets sold previously, only 1,000 were purchased from Flint. Shields aims to increase local support for her July fight.

Tickets to see the GWOAT on July 27 at LCA can be found here.

See the photos from her press conference below!

Claressa Shields Heavyweight Debut Press Conference in Flint

Flint's own Claressa Shields, the reigning Undisputed Middleweight World Champion, is set to contend for the WBC Heavyweight World Championship this July.

Scheduled for Saturday, July 27, at Detroit's Little Caesars Arena, Shields will face off against Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse in a highly anticipated matchup.

Recently, Shields and Lepage-Joanisse appeared alongside Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley at a Juneteenth press conference held on Wednesday, June 19.

Gallery Credit: Kennedy Broadwell




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