Video of cockroaches, reportedly taken at Kearsley High School, are increasing the profile of an issue that is said to have existed for months.

There have been complaints of cockroaches at Kearsley High School for at least a few months in a Facebook group for parents of students. A new pair of videos shared with the group, allegedly showing the roaches in the school, are now causing a small uproar. Parents are claiming things like the school is "trying to keep it quiet" and are "too cheap/broke to take care of it." Either way -- it's a bad look.

If reports of the school trying to keep their roach problem on the down-low are true -- they're going to have a hell of a time doing that now. The videos had over 40k views at the time of this article, and they were just posted yesterday morning. Another complaint shared in that thread claims the school has a bedbug problem as well. You can see all of those in the video above.

This whole ordeal makes me really glad my kids have a way to go before high school. Hopefully, Kearsley can get all these issues straightened out by then. UPDATE: To be fair, several parties have reached out to tell us that this is an isolated incident and that the school has pest control come in every two weeks.

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