If you follow baseball and or softball you know hitting for the cycle is a pretty cool thing to do. At any level.

What the cycle is if you are not familiar with baseball/softball terms is one player hitting a single, double, triple and a home run all in one game.

This weekend Arkansas softball player Danielle Gibson did just that. In Home Runs. The sophomore infielder only needed four innings to set this amazing record. In the first inning, Gibson hit her 2-run home run to put the Razorbacks up 3-2, then followed it up the next inning with a 3 run blast. In the third inning, she hit another with the bases loaded and to top it all off she sent a solo shot over the left field wall in the fourth inning finishing off a crazy game that Arkanasa won 15-3.

Just think about it for a second. This has never happened at the college or professional level. Some players have hit that many home runs in a season and she knocked four out in one game. Impressive to say the least.

Source: MLB.com

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