Congrats to Tyler Vert of Davison for winning a $500 gift card to Tri County Equipment and more with the "Show Us Your Dad Bod" contest!

We received a lot of entries from dads all over Michigan. Some were great photos of dads with their kids. Some were just downright disgusting that made up puke in our mouths a little bit. Either way, there are a lot of proud dads out there and we applaud you.

We put all the names in a hat and pulled Tyler's name to win! He won a $500 gift card to Tri County Equipment and a $100 gift card to The Lodge Men's Grooming in Davison. We hope that you all have a great Father's Dad! Whether you are going up north, playing golf, or just staying home with the family and drinking beers by the grill, we hope you enjoy it! Happy Father's Day!





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