There's another option to beat the heat in Genesee County now with the opening of a new splash pad at Physicians Park in Grand Blanc.

There are now options for people in the Grand Blanc area with the splash pad at Bicentennial Park and the new splash pad at Physicians Park. The grand opening happened this week, and with some of the crazy high temps we've had this summer, it was perfect timing.

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Grand Blanc Parks & Rec made the announcement this week, and residents were quick to take advantage.

Physicians Park is located right in downtown, and is convenient because it's walkable for many residents. We've been on the roof of McDonald's in Grand Blanc for Roofsit2021 this week, and had quite a few people stop by after visiting the splash pad. Everyone had a smile on their face as they soaked up a new way to get out of the heat.

If don't live near the new splash pad in Grand Blanc, and are still looking for ways to beat the heat, there are plenty of choices around Genesee County.

In addition to the two Grand Blanc area splash pads, you can also check out the huge splash pad at Bluebell Beach. If you're on the east side of Genesee County, you can cool off at the splash pad located inside the Lake Callis recreation complex.

However you choose to cool off this summer, make sure to relax a little and just have fun. I know it seems impossible at times, but if you are able to disconnect from your phone or work, it will make a big difference in how you feel.

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