Now is the time to find a great costume for Halloween this year in Michigan.

There is just something about having a great and high-quality Halloween costume that makes a person feel good. Walking into that Halloween party and turning heads with your costume is great. So that begs the question, how do you step up your costume game?

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When it comes to Halloween, Michiganders don't have to go far to find a pop-up store to go buy a costume. However, there are two problems that arise every time. First, if you don't get there early in the season, these chain stores run out of costumes pretty quickly. Second, those costumes are not always the highest quality and you end up looking like a low-budget version of what you wanted to dress as.

If you want to make sure you have the best costume for your group of friends, now is the time to start planning. Michigan has several costume shops that specialize in great costumes and use high-quality materials. Check out the list below and you may even get some new ideas for this Halloween.

These Michigan costume stores offer a wide variety of quality costumes along with options to purchase or rent your costume for this year. Just remember, the closer we get to Halloween, the more limited your options become, so get out there early and find that perfect costume.

Below you'll find great stores in Sterling Heights, Lake Orion, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and more. Happy Halloween! Also, big thanks to my go-to Halloween Queens Rebecca and Kimberlina from Exit 13 Haunted House for all the suggestions of great costume shops!

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