October is finally here. Show some Michigan pride with these costumes.

If there is one holiday that really makes friends and families compete for the best of the best, it is Halloween. Sure, you will always take pride in making the best holiday dinner for your family, but consistently having the best Halloween costumes is a way better feeling.

The problem we face today is the internet. It is really hard to find a truly original costume. However, just because something isn't original does not mean that it can't be better than the rest or more unique. Sometimes the best costumes come from those that think outside the box and take a leap.

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If you are in a pinch and need a costume, check out the simple ideas below that your Michigan friends will instantly recognize. Be sure to add something to it though and be creative.

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Maybe mass appeal isn't the way to go. Maybe you need to inject a little bit of flavor to your costume choice. On this list, you will find several costumes that scream "Michigan." Sure, some of these have been done before and you may consider them low-hanging fruit, but you can always modify them.

Some important things you need to consider if you decided to "modify" some of these below are as follows:

  • Setting. Are you wearing this around the neighborhood with the kids? If so, you may not want to offend the neighbors. Are you heading to the bar for a costume contest? If you are, go the extra step for the shock value. We are all adults.
  • Company. Know your audience and play to them. How far can you go?
  • Will people get it? I've made some great costumes in my time that were based on inside jokes. The only downside is that you have to explain it to all the people on the outside of the joke. Are you prepared for that?

I love Halloween. The more creative a costume is the better and I love the challenge of having a better costume year after year. Either way, check out the list below. You might find a costume that works for you or better yet, it will spark an idea inside you for an even better costume. Happy Halloween!

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