Why not finish off 2018 with yet another strange article about home invasions.

A couple in Ohio (go figure) broke into a Northeastern Ohio home on Christmas Eve and decided to make themselves right at home. Not only did they take a shower, but also made dinner, washed their clothes and was watching TV before the homeowners came home and confronted the two. Are you kidding me?

Authorities near Uniontown, Ohio said in a statement that the couple's truck did, in fact, have stolen items from the home that include a laptop, credit cards, jewelry, and other household items. The couple who have been identified as Richard Nippell and Camri Cantwell of Plain Township, Ohio is listed as being homeless.

The two are being charged with robbery and a court date has not bet set yet. But the question I have is are electricity, food consumed will be on the list of charges as well?

Source: Yahoo.com



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