A couple was arrested after leaving their 2 year-old son home alone while they drove around playing Pokemon GO.

According to WDIV, police arrived at an Arizona home after receiving a 911 call about a frightened child outside his house. This poor little dude was found screaming and crying, red-faced and sweating as he tried to get into his home. He was barefoot, dirty, and wearing only a diaper and T-shirt.

Police say he was locked out of his home in 96 degree weather with no water while his parents were cruising around playing Pokemon Go.

It's obvious these parents could care less about their child because a police officer even called them to say they found their abandoned boy. The piece of crap dad replied with "whatever" and hung up. Are you freaking kidding me?

These losers finally came home about an hour later where they were arrested for child abuse and neglect charges.

At first they said that they had left their child home sleeping while they went and to get gas but later admitted they were driving around playing Pokemon Go.

I have no problem with the game whatsoever but like everything else, you have to be responsible unlike theses scumbags.

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