"At the end of the day, Pokémon becomes very real when a roaming player gets f---ed in a vacant crack house. Pokémon and Crack houses. Pure Michigan."

John Kerfoot's Pure Michigan parodies have made light of everything from the funny, (the perpetual awfulness that is our Detroit Lions), to the not-funny (the Flint water crisis), but the latest spoof has found an even easier target -- Pokémon Go.

It's pretty easy to make fun of Pokémon Go players, especially in Michigan. We generally only have four or five months to enjoy all of our state's natural wonders before the vile clutches of Michigan winter set in, and many are squandering those precious hours staring into their phone while crashing their bikes into trees, getting robbed, and accidentally finding dead bodies.

Don't tell the Pokéballers that they're "wasting their time" though, many of them believe that they're part of some great social revolution that is reactivating our nation's long-lost sense of community, strengthening families, and battling childhood obesity. I would think that it's a lot easier to make lasting summer memories with say, a boat excursion or camping trip with friends than it is catching squirtles in Ballenger Park, but it's your summer, bro. You do you... just don't be surprised when we're not impressed by your incessant social media posts about what you caught.

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