Reports say a pair of teens playing Pokemon Go were robbed at gunpoint last night near Flint's East Side.

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm in just a few days, but whenever there's new distractions -- there's new people looking to take advantage of that. There have already been reports of robbers using the app to lure in victims in other cities, and now local criminals have begun to take advantage as well.

At sometime after midnight, the Pokémaster-in-training and a friend who was giving him a ride, found themselves at gunpoint at Starkweather St and Holly Ave. According to our sources, two men aimed guns at the teens through the windows of their car, then one took the victims' phones, some things from their vehicle, their wallets, bank cards, cash, and some checks they had in their possession, reportedly totaling $900 (amount unconfirmed).

The two suspects are described as thin, black males in their early 20s, one wearing glasses, a black t-shirt, shorts, and a "Toronto hat with 'cg' in cursive on it." The other man had a black long sleeve shirt on.

It is unknown whether or not the pair attempted to defend themselves by throwing Pokéballs at the assailants.

This is why you should always be aware of your surroundings. If you're roaming around Flint at night with your eyes glued to your phone and money in your pocket -- you might as well get some glow in the dark spray paint and write "mark" on your chest.

[SOURCE: FPO | NBC 25 | Anonymous Tips]