The Crim returns to downtown Flint in August and training programs begin soon.

It's more than just virtual this year. The Crim Festival of Races has begun planning for both in-person and virtual races on Saturday, August 28th. If you want to run one of the races, but don't know where to begin or how to train, the CrimFit training programs are starting soon.

How do the CrimFit training programs work?

These programs take groups of runners or walkers of all paces and help them train for the 10-mile, 5-mile, and 5K races. The groups meet every Tuesday at 6 pm and the group leaders give guidance and help create workout plans for you to meet your goals.

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What are the benefits of joining a CrimFit program?

Each person that joins a CrimFit program receives:

  • One entry into the Crim Festival of Races
  • Two vouchers for a free race entry with partner races throughout the summer
  • A CrimFit training shirt
  • Monthly training calendars
  • Coupons to Bauman's, Complete Runner, and RENEW You Massage Studio

How much do the training programs cost?

The CrimFit training programs are currently $130 to join. That includes your choice of what race to train for. They offer programs for the 10-mile run, 10-mile walk, half Crim run, half Crim walk, 5K run, and 5K walk.

Where do I sign up for these programs and when do they start?

If you are looking to join one of the CrimFit training programs, click here to sign up or see more detail. The programs start on Tuesday, May 11th.

Source: Crim Festival of Races

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