Thankfully he is alright. Last time he fell off a stage it was way worse.

Wednesday night in Las Vegas, Foo Fighters played a private corporate gig for HARMAN International, who is wholly-owned by Samsung Electronics Company. If you haven't been to a Foo Fighters show before, this is a common thing for Dave Grohl. Not the falling off stage, but the having fun with the crowd. He always tries to interact with the crowd. Whether it be bringing someone on stage to play or just playing around and doing things like this.

During the show, he made his way to the side stage and was given a beer from a fan. Since we was playing at the time and didn't have a free hand, he set it on the speak near him and tried to drink it. After spilling a little bit of it, he just grabbed the beer and chugged it. When he made his way back to center stage, he got a little too close to the edge and slipped off. Thankfully, no bones were broken this time.

The video below shows the bad fall where he broke his leg.

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