There are a lot of questions (and rumors) surrounding a new restaurant/bar that will be opening soon in Davison.

Stix Restaurant & Bar recently shared a photo on the Davison Community Facebook Group that is creating quite a buzz. The photo shows a billboard with their logo along with the words, "Coming Soon to Davison."

Davison residents are wondering (guessing) where this new restaurant/bar is going to be. While the owners of Stix haven't come forward with that information, they are having some fun with all the comments on Facebook.

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Davison Residents Are Asking Questions

Residents have been trying to guess where Stix will be located, when they're opening, what kind of food they'll have, and a variety of other questions.

One thing we know for sure is that Stix Restaurant & Bar will be in an existing building. We know this because one Facebook user asked if they were opening a new building or an existing one. Stixx replied, "new renovation on an existing building."

When asked what kind of food they would be serving. Stix Replied, "American. A little bit of everything ranging from a juicy cheeseburger to steak & salmon."  They also said vegetarian dishes would be on their menu as well.

Not Everyone is Excited

One woman that posted on the page didn't want to play along one bit.

Really?? Keeping location a secret? Sorry, not playing that game! Don't post anything if you are not ready to share info!

Wow, what a buzzkill. Come on lady, they're just trying to have some fun and create a little excitement with their new business. I like the mysterious approach, it's fun.

A lot of people were guessing that Stix would be at Sugarbush Golf Club & Banquet Center. They didn't reply when people were throwing that around so...maybe? I'm sure they'll be releasing that info soon.

I think most people are just excited that something new is coming to Davison.

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