This Sunday clocks will spring forward which means we'll lose an hour of sleep. I didn't realize that affected so many people in a negative way but apparently, it does.

Honestly, daylight saving has never affected me to where I was concerned or felt that I needed to prepare for it. I mean it's only an hour of sleep that we lose. The solution seems simple, go to bed a little bit earlier. There ya go, problem solved. I know I'm kinda sounding a like a dick but I just find it funny how some people act around daylight saving. Just listen to the guy being interviewed in the video above. He sounds like such a baby while he talks how it affects him for like a week and a half. Come on, no it doesn't. There's also a doctor being interviewed who talks about all the major health issues that come with daylight saving. He said that health overall, there are increases in vascular events, heart attacks, strokes, car accidents, even as a result of the sleep loss related to daylight saving time changes. Okay, so I guess I'm the idiot now, right?

Every year we always hear how people are pushing to get rid of daylight saving time. That's something I could get behind just so we don't have to deal with it anymore. As a matter of fact, Florida lawmakers just approved a bill to keep daylight saving time going throughout the year in their state. It will take a bit to move forward because it still needs to be approved by the state's governor and then it will take an act of Congress to fully pass it. Flordia would then join Hawaii and most of Arizona.

I do get excited when we spring forward because that means spring and summer are around the corner and the sun stays out longer.

The reason we have daylight saving is to reduce electricity consumption by extending daylight hours. According to CNN, it was Benjamin Franklin that came up with the idea, he said people would use fewer candles if they got up early and made better use of daylight. It was in 1918 when The Standard Time Act established times zones and daylight saving time.

Source: WDIV/CNN

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