Around 500 pounds of weed seized in Detroit this week.

On Monday, the Office of Field Operations for Customs and Border Patrol seized a pretty big amount of Marijuana. At the Fort Street Cargo Facility in Detroit, Agents seized nearly 500 pounds of weed on a tractor-trailer. The truck was referred to a second inspection upon its crossing of the border and that's when the border patrol agents found the marijuana.

After the more-thorough secondary search, agents found what weed, which was on the manifest as peat moss. Border patrol officers used x-rays, canines, and more for the search. The x-ray didn't match up with what was listed and the canines were called in. The canine unit was able to local the illegal cargo that was hidden in 13 cartons of actual real cargo. For added good measure, some CBD gummies that were found in the cap were also confiscated from the driver of the truck.

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After the searches, all of the illegal marijuana, along with the tractor-trailer itself was confiscated. A $5,000 fine was also issued. After being deemed inadmissible to the United States, the driver was escorted back to Canada.

Our multi-layered approach to border security has prevented yet another substantial load of drugs from entering the United States and poisoning our communities...The vigilance and expertise of the officers involved, along with the diligence of our canine partners, is commendable...said Port Director Devin Chamberlain. 

Honestly, I still don't get why people are still trying to smuggle weed across the border? It is legal here. There are 6 places within two miles of me right now that sell it legally.


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